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When is therapy a good next step?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Therapy is still seen by many as a scary step; and rightly so. It asks of you to face yourself, your challenges, hurt or pain head-on. When is it a good idea to take the brave step and go to therapy?

Sometimes a trauma from earlier on in our lives catches up to us. Or maybe we notice toxic behaviour patterns that we frequently engage in. Perhaps we have lost a loved one and are finding it hard to cope with the grief and loss - these are all good reasons to seek therapy.

Below you will find some more examples of times it would be good to consider therapy:

#1 - You experience frequent dips in your mood

Have you noticed that your mood is less consistent and you often feel low? Does this lower mood impact your ability to function at your best and enjoy life to the fullest? Investigating this further with the support of a therapist could be helpful.

#2 - You have interpersonal difficulties

Perhaps you have become aware of frequent difficulties in your relationships. Maybe you often get in arguments with your partner, family or friends. Or perhaps you find it hard to confront others and deal with conflict situations. Discussing and unpacking this, while learning new skills to deal with these kinds of situations, could be done with the help of a therapist.

#3 - You'd like to discover yourself

Many people think that therapy is only meant for you if you are experiencing a big challenge or if you are facing a major adversity. Therapy is also a great tool to use to be curious and open to discovering more of yourself and increasing your awareness of your own being. Having an objective person with you to embark on this journey can be fulfilling and inspiring!

There are of course many other reasons why going to therapy is a good idea. The examples above are only a few. Are you a young adult and you think you'd like to be brave and start your therapy journey? Or are you a parent of a teen or young adult who could benefit from therapy? Head over to my site to look at how I can join this journey!

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