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Mind&Heart Hub

Therapy isn't the only way to invest in your/ your child's mental wellbeing!

This hub is filled with resources for parents, teens & young adults to promote mental wellbeing. 

Invest in these resources:

4-Part Mini-Course for Parents: Anxiety

Have you noticed your child struggling with coping with feelings of anxiety? Are you unsure how to support them with coping in a healthy way? This mini-course is for you!
Mother and Son

Parent Talk: Effective & Reciprocal Communication between Parent & Child

Does your communication with your child make them feel heard and seen? Is your communication with your child effective? Learn more about improving & enhancing your communication by watching this recorded parent talk.
Image by Sai De Silva

Gratitude Journal for Young Teen Girls

Journalling has amazing benefits for our mental wellbeing. Choosing a mindset of gratitude despite challenges we face also shows amazing benefits! Invest in your daughter's mental wellbeing by purchasing this journal.

A Day in the Life of Me- Journal for Older Teen Girls

Being a teen can be very overwhelming & confusing! Journalling can support your teen daughter to make sense of her expereinces & emotions in a safe way. This journal can support your daughter's mental wellbeing in this phase of her life.
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