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Expat Psychology services cultivating belonging, stability & wellbeing in expat children, teens and young adults.

Hello, I'm Megan Stapelberg

Counseling Psychologist

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How to Cultivate Emotionally Aware Children as Emotionally Aware Parents. 

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Let me join you on your journey
and support your
child or adolescent to cultivate a sense of belonging, stability and wellbeing as they adapt as expat kids.
Are you a young adult?
Being an expat between the ages of 21 and 25 can be challenging: Not only are you carving out your own career or life path, but you also need to settle in a new city or country. Let me walk beside you on this journey.

My services

Have a look below at the services that are currently on offer for expat families:

Finding Balance Between the Mind and Heart: Philosophy of Mind and Heart Consulting

The lotus flower typically lives in muddy water and it blooms beautifully despite living in this muddy water. It symbolises resiliency and beauty. I believe that every person is born with the capacity to be resilient, to bounce back from challenging circumstances and to bloom in muddy waters. ​

As a South African expat who has been living in the Netherlands for the past 5 years, I understand that one's resiliency is tested in a country so different from your own. Children, adolescents and young adults who leave their home countries to live elsewhere face many challenges. Their ability to bounce back from these challenges are key factors in how they function in the new space they are living in. 

With my experience as high school teacher, Learning Diversity Specialist at a Dutch International School and with an Honours degree in Educational Psychology & Master's degree in Counseling Psychology I have the ability to support your child or adolescent or you as a young adult as you learn to bloom and flourish in your life in the Netherlands.

"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it." Maya Angelou


We relocated from South Africa to NL at the end of 2021. My son was 14 and having a bit of a tough time (emotionally) adjusting to our new life. My prayers for an amazing therapist to help us were answered when I met Megan and my son started sessions with her.

During their sessions they would also touch on the development of the teenage brain and how to process your emotions and to train your brain to think logical instead of just react. 

A 5-star rating isn't enough to express my gratitude. 

Mom of 15-year-old son

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