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Ready to see your child conquer anxety and thrive in life?

Online Therapy in English & Afrikaans for Kids and Teens who are Ready to Embrace their inner Resilience.

For Children and Teens who are not (yet) Living Life to the Fullest.
Your child just hasn't been themselves lately. They struggle to separate from you during drop-off at school and no longer want to participate in their favourite after-school activities.

Your teen seems stressed at school and anxious at home. You struggle to connect with them as they are often closed off, highly strung and isolate themselves from you and the rest of the family.

But you know this is not their true nature.

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There was once a time when your child or teen was able to be present, enjoy the moment and enjoy being a child. 

You know your child is able to take failure in their stride, remain confident when things go in a different direction than planned and can face the unknown with bravery.

Somehow, they have lost this ability and I am here to help you and guide them to find that inner ability to be resilient and thrive!


My Services

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Online Therapy: Ages 9-18
(Please note I am out of office until January 2025)

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

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Online Parent Coaching
(Please note I am out of office until January 2025)
I will be on maternity leave from 15 July 2024 until mid-January 2025


We relocated from South Africa to NL at the end of 2021. My son was 14 and having a bit of a tough time (emotionally) adjusting to our new life. My prayers for an amazing therapist to help us were answered when I met Megan and my son started sessions with her.

During their sessions they would also touch on the development of the teenage brain and how to process your emotions and to train your brain to think logical instead of just react. 

A 5-star rating isn't enough to express my gratitude. 

Mom of 15-year-old son

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Are you curious to learn how I could support you, your child or teen? Schedule this free, no-obligation call with me to learn more about my offerings. 

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