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Children can easily cope with change, right?!

Have you ever said or thought the words in the title of my blog? Or have you ever heard someone say it before?

As adults, we easily believe that all children can quickly bounce back when faced with big changes, but that is unfortunately not always the case.

Has your child recently experienced a lot of change? (Changing schools, moving to a different home, getting a new teacher, losing a loved one, moving to a different country.) Did you perhaps notice any of the following in your child as the change occurred?

  • Disruptive behaviour (at home or school)

  • Temper tantrums

  • More crying than usual

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Decrease in appetite

These could all be signs of your child not coping so well with change. And that is okay. Children need consistency and routine and big changes often bring disruption to routines and a sense of consistency.

Consider supporting your child with (upcoming, potentially predictable) change by doing the following:

  • Telling them at the right time about the upcoming change

  • Keeping their schedule and routine as fixed as possible

  • Discussing their feelings about the change (in a child-friendly way) to give them a chance to process the impact(s) of the change.

PS. Are you and your family on your way to the Netherlands in the near future? Do you need help in gearing yourself and your children for the move? Join my South African Parents On The Move webinar series starting 27/09/2022.

Or maybe you are already living in the Netherlands, but you notice that your children are finding it challenging to adapt? Have a look at my South African Chameleon Kids Club starting in October 2022. This club aims at supporting South African expat children who are still adapting to this big change.

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