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2023: Your year of setting boundaries

I continue to notice how setting boundaries in various spheres of our lives is such an important part of protecting our energy and our mental health. This could look like saying no if our boss wants to give us extra work which we have no current capacity for, or it could look like telling our partner, family member or friend that we do not appreciate the way they treat us/talk to us/push us to do things we do not want to. It could also look like leaving work at 5pm, closing the work emails and only opening them again tomorrow when we are back at the office.

We can set boundaries for ourselves to help us maintain a healthy balance in life:

  • No screen time at the table so that we can have quality time with family.

  • No discussing work over weekends to really take time off and relax.

  • Choosing which friends we let in close to us as we know these friends will respect and honour our "no, thank you's".

We can set boundaries with others to protect our energy and mental health:

  • Not always offering to take on the extra tasks/ responsibilities at work.

  • Telling our partners/family members when we do not appreciate the way they speak to us.

  • Saying no if someone wants to discuss something with us that we feel is not our business/ makes us feel uncomfortable.

Will you join me in 2023 and stand in your power (and protect yourself) and set those boundaries?

PS. If you think you or your child could benefit from some more guidance on setting boundaries, head over to my website to see how I could support you!

Yours in healthy boundaries and a great 2023,


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