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When to consider therapy for your child

Society is making positive strides towards talking more openly about mental health and towards seeking help when needed. Are you, as a parent, also open to seeking help for yourself or your child if you think it is needed?

Consider seeking support for your child if you notice some of the following in your child:

  • Persistent challenges with connecting with / making friends with other children at school.

  • Prolonged behaviours related acting out towards/ defiance of teachers or parents.

  • Anxiety or nervousness about going to school that makes it challenging for your child to leave home or enter the classroom.

  • Challenges with self-regulation that show up as bursts of anger or temper tantrums. It might also be that your child struggles to calm and soothe themselves after a surge of emotions.

  • Signs of low self-esteem or low self-confidence that impact your child's ability to perform at the best of their abilities at school.

It is important to note that any of the challenges above need to be persistent, over a course of time. It is also important to remember that many children have had challenges such as the ones above and, if your child experiences any of the challenges above, that is perfectly okay.

If you notice any of the signs above, it might be that your child could benefit from therapy. Therapy could support your child with gaining more self-awareness, self-confidence and emotional awareness. You could also gain insight to your child as a parent and learn how you can support them in your parenting styles.

Send me an email if you'd like to discuss how therapy could potentially support your child:

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