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Presence & peace are possible!

If you haven't caught mindfulness-fever yet, jump aboard, because this sure is a practice fit for everyone- young or old.

iPads, television, iPhones, computers at school, rushing in the mornings to get to school, shoving a sandwich down before football practice...all these items and occurrences take away the opportunity for children to be present (and to be mindless instead) when they engage in activities.

Research has proven that mindfulness practices lower stress and anxiety levels and increase a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment in life. Mindfulness practices are not just for adults. Have you done any of the following with your child?

  • Eat breakfast by the table with no phone present, savour every bite and share what it is you taste when you take a bite.

  • Drive to school and notice small details in the trees or buildings on your way. Ask your child to share the small details that they notice on the drive to school.

  • Name 3 things that everyone in the car is grateful for (gratitude releases dopamine- a feel-good hormone!)

  • Do a sleep meditation together at night to bring awareness to the body (The Insight Timer app has some great kiddies meditations!)

Will you try out any of the suggestions above? Let me know in the comment section below!

Warm wishes,


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