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What rest really is...

What have you been taught about rest? Is it something you do when you are tired, over-worked or burnt out? Do you do it once a year during summer holidays? Do you rest for two weeks and then jump right back into things, knowing you have to wait for a good rest in a year from now?

What if we could redefine rest? What if we could rest not because we are tired, over-worked or burnt out but so that we do not feel tired, over-worked or burnt out?

Rest is needed often, on a daily and weekly basis. Rest is key to us maintaining a balance, staying healthy andto perform and function at our best. Taking a proper 2-week holiday every year is not what rest to maintain balance and wellbeing should look like.

"But what should rest look like?" you might be wondering. Here are some of my suggestions on how we can make rest a part of our daily lives:

  • Saying no to overloaded work-days with long to-do lists and multiple meetings.

  • Getting in bed early at night.

  • Making time for exercise.

  • Taking sick days when our bodies tell us they need extra rest.

  • Spending weekends doing calming activities like yoga, reading, painting, going for a run or walk.

  • Saying no to social events if we find ourselves overloading our calendar with social events (for some these can be energising, but for others, having a calm weekend at home is restful).

  • Using our leave to take breaks throughout the year: think of long-weekends or a day off mid-week to relax at home.

Can you incorporate some of these tips to prioritise rest in your life? I'd love to hear which tip you have chosen!

Yours in rest and wellbeing,


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