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We are not our thoughts!

Bring the following image to your imagination: You see blue skies with a few fluffy, white clouds floating by. Now, place yourself in this picture: You are the blue skies and the clouds are your thoughts. Can you see the thoughts floating by? Can you see the thoughts (clouds) do not dissolve into the air but just float by?

If you followed my little metaphor, I hope you came to understand what I was implying: You are not your thoughts! Thoughts simply pass through our minds and then disappear again.

Many of us have unfortunately taught ourselves that we are what we think. We believe ourselves when we think: "I am a failure"/ "I am never going to be a good enough parent/spouse/friend..." and so forth. The real question to ask, is: How true and accurate are these thoughts really? How much evidence can you list that can prove these thoughts? Do you fail at every single thing that you do? And what does being good enough even mean?

Challenge yourself to disconnect your identity from your thoughts by doing the following:

1) Observe a thought as it enters your mind.

2) Observe the thought without judging it and labeling it as 'good' or 'bad'

3) Let the thought pass by, reminding yourself that it is only a thought, nothing more.

4) Treat yourself with kindness and remind yourself of who you are - a being that is made up of so much more than thoughts that float by!

Warm wishes,


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