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"Terug naar school!" -Back to school in the Netherlands

Many of my blog-readers currently live in the Netherlands and will have children starting the new school year in the weeks to come. Read some of the tips below on how you can help your child get ready. (If you do not live in the Netherlands, read further too as this could be helpful to you too!)

  • Create a schedule and routine from the first week of school. Children cope better with consistency.

  • Meet with the "juf" (teacher) if you know your child has certain social-emotional or academic needs. A prepared and well-informed teacher can optimally support your child.

  • Based on your child's interests, have them join the local football or hockey club or any other club to support their social development and help them develop a sense of belonging with other children in the neighbourhood.

  • Tap into the resources of the Dutch government by connecting your child to local resources of support (such as the "Ouder-Kind Adviseur" (Parent-Child Advisor). These resources are often free (but often mostly in Dutch).

Does your child need some social-emotional support (in a language they can understand) with adapting to the changes of being in the Netherlands (making new friends, dealing with loss, adapting, celebrating their identity etc.) ? Sign your child up for my South African Chameleon Kids Club starting in Oct'22 to give them the opportunity to thrive in the Netherlands!



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