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Jump for Joy, not Conclusions

Have you noticed yourself getting caught in the trap of jumping to conclusions without having the necessary evidence to prove this conclusion? If you can relate, keep reading to learn more about this common error in thinking!

When we jump to conclusions without any or the necessary evidence, we simply get in our own way. Why? There might be more than enough reasons for us to believe that a situation will turn out okay, but when we believe that it won’t it has a direct impact on our mental health: it causes distress and psychological damage. This kind of error in our thinking has a direct impact on how well we can make decisions and can also put us at risk of experiencing symptoms of depression such as hopelessness and constant sadness.

But how can you stop jumping to these unhelpful conclusions? Consider the following steps:

1. Become aware:

Keep a thoughts diary for a few weeks and take note of moments when you jumped to conclusions. Also note how this made you feel and what the consequences of your thoughts were.

2. Slow down next time:

Instead of immediately going with the assumption or conclusion you are making, stop yourself first. Take time to slowly consider all aspects of the situation. Can you try and take a step back and look at the bigger picture and not just focus on one aspect thereof?

3. Challenge your thinking:

If you are jumping to conclusions, challenge yourself: What other explanations might there be for this situation? What evidence do you have that can prove the original conclusion you wanted to jump to? Could you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine how they would think about the situation you are in?

Are you curious to learn more about this thinking error and how you can work on changing your thoughts into more helpful thoughts? Read this article for more helpful information.

We are so much more than our thoughts and have infinite potential to be our best selves in life! You are capable of overcoming these thinking errors so that you can jump for joy and not to conclusions.

Warm wishes,


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