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How to use screen time constructively

We cannot deny that electronic screens are a part of our children's lives, no matter how we look at it. Keeping your child's exposure to screen time to the minimum is always a good idea, but it is also okay if you want to give them some "iPad time" after school or over weekends. Here are some tips on how you can use screen time constructively:

1) Keep it short. Allow your child to watch their favourite television show or play their favourite computer game for no longer than 30 minutes per day.

2) Give your child access to television channels such as National Geographic or other children's educational channels so that their screen time is spent watching something educational and meaningful. If your child likes playing games on their tablet for 30 minutes, choose games that relate to learning something such as word or maths puzzles, quizzes, memorising items and so forth.

3) Ask them to tell you what they learned afterwards. Engage in a conversation about what they found most interesting about the television show or what they found the most challenging during the math puzzle and how they worked on overcoming the challenge.

To stick to the steps above, it will ask of you as parent to be disciplined and consistent. Engage in a discussion with your child on what agreements you can make together to ensure that screen time is constructive and meaningful to your child.

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