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Face the Unfairness

Life is not always fair. Things happen that are unexpected, unpleasant and unwanted. When we judge every experience by its perceived fairness, the world does not make sense. When faced with unfairness, it's all about choosing how you will view this unfairness that you are facing. When we are faced with proof of life's unfairness, we always have the freedom to choose to reframe the situation by making use of Radical Acceptance. Read this blog post to learn more about the power of reframing using Radical Acceptance.

Life happens: We lose a job, a loved one or a beloved pet. We get into a car accident. We don’t get to go on that dream holiday that we tried to save up for or we have to sell our house because we just cannot keep up with our expenses. One could say that many of these examples listed above simply are not fair. While we would all like to operate in a world that is fair, it is not our reality and can foster feelings of anger, resentment and hopelessness.

Radical Acceptance is a lifelong skill that we can learn and adopt to help us reframe our thoughts when we feel like we are in an unfair situation. To radically accept a situation means that we fully accept our reality, regardless of how unfair it is, with our body and our minds. We do not condone it or pretend to like the situation, but we rather fully accept the unfairness as: It is what it is. When we choose to reframe our thoughts to a state of radically accepting the unfairness of life or a situation it brings us more peace and calm. Choosing to stick to thoughts like: “It shouldn’t be this way” or “This is so unfair” or “Why me?” we continue to resist the situation and just increase our own suffering.

Yes, life can be tough and unfair, but aren’t we lucky that we can always choose how we wish to respond to what happens to us? I consider it as one of our greatest gifts as human beings!



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