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3 Ways to Show Up for Your Child this School Year

If you're living in the Netherlands (or elsewhere in Europe), the new school year is around the corner. What are some of your wishes for your child? How would you like to show up for them this school year? Is there something you want to change in your parenting style? If you're in need of some inspiration, read below!

1. Discuss their goals and wishes:

Teens and tweens (ages 10-12) might have some goals in mind for the new school year. Take some time to hear what they'd like to work towards. Does it not match your goal or wish for them? That's okay! Shooting down their goals at the start of the year does not communicate your support for them. Be open-minded and encouraging and help them understand that you are behind them. Give them the assurance that you believe in them and give them that kickstart to the new school year!

2. Reflect on the past school year:

Children ages 8 and older have varying abilities to be able to reflect. Think of asking them the following questions in a conversation:

  • What are you most proud of when you think about last school year?

  • What was the most challenging part of last school year?

  • How did I or did I not support you last school year?

  • How can I support you this school year?

Be open to their answers! Maybe their feedback is not exactly what you'd want to hear. Take deep breaths while listening and assure them that you are there to listen and be open-minded.

3. Seek your own support:

How do you keep your own cup filled as parent so that you can pour (your support) from it? Do you read parenting books? Are you part of a parenting discussion group? Do you attend your own therapy sessions to work on your own healing journey so that you can show up for your child as best as you can?

How about joining my FREE online talk on 9 October? This will be on Cultivating Emotionally Aware Children as Emotionally Aware Parents. Go to my website to sign up!

May this new school year be filled with loads of reflection, success and growth for you and your family.

Wishing you the best,


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