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3 tips for a successful summer holiday!

The summer holidays are approaching in Europe. If you're living around Europe and have kids who need to be kept occupied, have a read below on some tips to keep them busy!

  1. Get outside!

During the school year and winter time children spend a lot of time indoors (and often behind screens) and the summer holidays are the perfect time to get them moving outdoors! Being physically active and being exposed to sunlight is so good for our mental health - it releases loads of feel-good hormones in our brains! Consider:

  • Enrolling your child in a holiday club that will be doing any fun outdoor activities.

  • Going for long hikes or beach days.

  • Visiting the local outdoor swimming pool for the day.

2. Try out a new hobby

Perhaps your child has shown keen interest in robotics, art, dance or karate and during the school year you were just too busy to pay attention to it. Grab the chance and see if you could enroll them in lessons! Creative expression and exploration are wonderful ways for children to not only switch off from a whole school year, but also grow, learn and expand their thinking.

3. Create a calming den for the next school year (but also for the holidays!)

Lots of children experience sensory and/ or emotional overwhelm during the school day due to all the input they receive throughout the day. Does your child come home really tired and often cranky or agitated after a long day at school? Why not create a calming den in the garden or in their bedroom which they can use to relax in during the holidays but also use to self-regulate after school (or at any other moment?) Make this a project for them to take the lead in and see how creative they can get! Take a look at this link for some inspiration.

Most importantly: Let your child play! (Without any screens involved, preferably!) Playing is such a wonderful way to help children relax, learn, expand and grow.

Wishing all my European-based readers a wonderful summer ahead!


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