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3 Reasons Why Rest is Productive

Many of us have been programmed with the idea that to rest is something we only do for 2 weeks of the year during our yearly holiday. If we choose to rest in-between, we feel lazy, unproductive or even guilty. Here are 3 reasons why rest is actually productive!

1. We are not robots!

We weren't made to work for weeks and months on-end, with little to no proper breaks. We only have a maximum capacity that we can reach to be productive and do our best with the tasks at hand.

2. No rest = decrease in productivity

Have you noticed how your ability to do your best, feel your best and get your tasks done in a productive manner decrease when you are tired and have not taken a proper break? On top of this, have you noticed that your ability to be present and enjoy what you are doing also decreases? Simply powering through for weeks or months on end and telling yourself you are still productive is not true. Taking short bursts of rest (think of weekends, long-weekends or even taking sick days from work when your body or mind feel sick or battered) gives you the opportunity to remain present, energised and productive at what you do.

3. Rest = taking stock, taking breaths

When we take a moment to stand still, put our work aside and rest, it gives us the opportunity to reflect and take stock of where we are at in terms of working towards goals. Resting gives us the chance to take a breath, check-in with ourselves and assess our wellbeing. Can you do the above if you are running ahead full-steam with little to no moments for rest? I highly doubt that! Taking the time to do the above is productive, simply because when you return to working, you had the opportunity to reflect and check-in with yourself and can make any necessary changes you need to make before going ahead with your daily routine.

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” — Alan Cohen

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